The Kerasilk Smoothing System is a non-damaging treatment to make your hair feel like silk up to 5 months.

- Makes unruly, frizzy hair manageable
- Softens curls & smooths frizz
- Reduces your daily styling time significantly
- Services take about two hours depending on length & thickness of hair.
- Consists of Keratin and silk Proteins.
When penetrating the hair, new Keratin bonds reinforce and stabilize the structure. 

- Longevity depends on type of hair, number of shampoos, and hair products used.


Bride Style                                  $50
Special Occasion Style               $45
Shampoo with  Quick Style         $30
Bridal Package                            $160

Malibu and Style                          $45
Luxury Conditioning & Style        $45
Kerasilk Smoothing Treatment    $100 per hour

Facial Waxing    
Eyebrows          $15
Lip/Chin            $10
Brow & Lip        $20


Woman's Haircut                   $40

Men's                                     $24

Child's (10 & under)               $20

Color Retouch (1" regrowth)   $75
Lightener Touch Up                 $90
Partial Foil                               $80
Specialty Partial Foil               $90
Full Foil                                   $115
Full Elumen                             $80

Combinations (Includes Discounts)    
Color/Haircut                           $105
Lightener Touch Up/Haircut    $120
Partial Foil/Haircut                  $110
Specialty Partial Foil/Haircut  $115
Partial Foil/Color                    $120
Partial Foil/Color Haircut        $140
Full Foil/Haircut                      $135
Full Foil/Color                         $140
Full Foil/Color/Haircut            $170

Stylists are great at determining other options to help fit your budget and time scheduled. Free Color Consultations if needed.

Jasmin's Hair Design

Donna Bella 100% human remy hair extensions are our recommended choice for quality hair extensions. We have had great success with the quality of hair and options provided.

We recommend our guests set up a free consult to determine what would be appropriate to purchase from their website. An appointment would then be set up for the application.

Careful consideration is taken into account during our hiring process. All stylists have over 5 years experience.

Cancellation Policy- A 24 hours notice is greatly appreciated if you will be unable to make your scheduled appointment. After missing two appointments without notice, we will gladly service you on a walk-in basis only.

Corrective color- The range in price for a corrective color would be one of the senarios when the price will be more difficult to concrete beforehand, due to the unpredictable results that can vary with extreme changes. It may take several appointments or in some cases 4 to 8 hours to get to the end result. Hair texture, water, previous color,  poor quality hair care can all play a role in how far we can push the boundaries. We will use our best judgments that we can.

Family- We are thankful we get to be a part of you & your families lives. It is always fun visiting with your kids when they come in, however we would ask that you please watch over them as to not cause disturbances. We try for a comfortable but quiet environment.

Gift Certificates- A great gift for any occasion, we have gift certificates available.​

We are committed to being open & straightforward with our pricing. During our consultation a price should be determined. Don't hesitate to ask questions. These are base prices only & we cannot  give definite price quotes over the phone for chemical services. Cost may vary depending on length & thickness of hair.

A 6% sales tax is added to all purchases.

Jane Iredale Makeup     
Bride Application             $40
Full Face Application       $35
Add on Lashes                $10
Makeup Consultation      $35

Hair Extensions    
Application        $100/h
Removal           $50/h
Complimentary Consultations are available.

Special Add-On    
Extra Color (may include 1-3) $15
Extra Elumen                          $20
Add on Malibu                         $30
Add on Luxury Conditioning    $30
Add on Conditioning Serum    $20
Straighten/Curl                        $5
Fun Foil                                   $40​

Having quality hair tools are very important! If you want to keep shiny, healthier hair than we will assure you of two great brands that we carry, ghd & Hot Tools. There is a sure difference then the store bought tools